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What do you eat when you realise you’ve probably been eating all wrong all your life?

Hello! I’m Gayle. Join me on my journey as I learn how to feed my family back to health and fitness and adjust to a new way of living (and eating!) after a life-changing event.

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In April 2022, my husband suffered a stroke.

Like many other people, my husband’s stroke had been caused by high blood pressure and high cholesterol and we had no idea! Salt therefore and about a thousand other foods were suddenly off the menu.

Standing there in my kitchen, looking around, I felt like crying. I was totally lost with what to eat. After 11 days in the hospital eating only the blandest, most tasteless meals,(egg white omelet with carrot anyone?!) I knew I had to switch things up and get creative. I just didn’t have the first clue where to start.

The leaflets were useless, the advice generic. ‘Don’t eat salt. Eat only whole foods. Avoid too much fat and sugar. Eat your 5 a day (or is it 10?) I had no idea what that looked like in terms of nice-tasting dinners!

There was also getting used to the fact that everything was exhausting, took far longer than usual and my brain was filled with a thousand and one thoughts, worries, and things to remember.

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