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Why This Blog?

Returning home from the care and safety of the hospital left me feeling terrified and vulnerable. I was suddenly in charge of a person who had suffered brain trauma, probably due to our diet and lifestyle and it was up to me to fix it. I didn’t know how.

Everything I thought I knew about living healthily felt wrong. I went into the supermarket and had no idea what to buy. I was obsessed with taking my husband’s blood pressure three times a day, I worried about how much pilates to make him do, and tried to keep things light and stress-free.

I went into a bit of a spin because I just didn’t know what to make to eat except broccoli, white beans, and kiwi. That’s what we ate for two days! I needed a simple meal plan with easy, healthy meals that tasted great and contained all the nutrients we needed (whatever they were!) Trouble was, I didn’t know what I was looking for so I began my quest to find the answers.

stroke recovery

Let’s be clear, I am no doctor, dietician, or nutritionist, and I would encourage you to check out all the facts for yourself. I believe nutrition is a very personal thing and this is just the journey of my family and me. I do aim to share what we eat on a weekly basis so you can scrabble together the kind of meal plan I so desperately needed in the beginning to help me feel grounded and safe.

This blog is my journey, the results of my kitchen experiments, and the wisdom I gain from the reading I do and talking to folk who know more than me. This is me trying to bring my family’s health and well-being back into balance as I learn how to slow down, eat well, deal with stress and prioritise what’s important.

A stroke is a scary thing. Any kind of health scare or life-changing event shakes you up and makes you question everything. I hope that this blog will provide you with some of the answers to the questions you might be asking and I appreciate you so much for being here.


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