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Eggshells and Crumblejacks

Eggshells and Crumblejacks

I went back to bed this morning with my cup of tea after I’d been out with the dog. The air smelled lovely this morning, warm and fragrant and a bit spicy  – maybe because I’d been dreaming about spiced potatoes? I’m not sure exactly how to describe the morning scent but it was so lovely I stopped under my favourite tree and breathed it in. It was so calm and peaceful, the moon was still pretty round and full behind the clouds and as it was still only 5.30 everything was sleeping, even the wood pigeons were quiet. I took my time.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day it was so hot and we were tired. Mac and I didn’t really talk that much, there was a feeling, for me anyway, of walking on eggshells. It was just a down day, I had to go to the chemist twice for pills as they didn’t have the missing ones in. I spent all morning doing the links on my podcasts which was a sore subject anyway. I also had a podcast interview and I didn’t really gel with the guest. 

I don’t know, I was feeling flat about things in general.

Yesterday wasn’t that great in the kitchen either and I don’t know why. Nico helped me with flapjacks – we called it a crumblejack in the end as it was still crumbly and didn’t really stick all that well, I had to eat it over the sink as you would a peach.  It’s funny I was thinking that Nico has never had a flapjack before. I know! Such a bad parent. But, we live in Spain and a flapjack is just not a thing. He thought I’d made up the name!

olive oil instead of butter
Flapjack made with olive oil instead of butter

This time I used olive oil instead of butter and it tasted great, not oliveoily at all which is good because the original recipe calls for butter, but I just feel weird using it. I also used olive oil instead of butter in the granola which also tasted great but I ended up burning it! Not too much so it was inedible but just enough to remind me I wasn’t perhaps as mindful as I thought I had been.

Then there was the dinner.

I’d drifted away from following recipes this week and in my head, I could see fragrant potatoes onions, peas, and green beans, warm in colour and taste thanks to the turmeric and teeny bit of chilli. It didn’t quite turn out like that though, there was something missing but I’m not sure what. I also used some cumin which always tastes amazing with the Huevos Rancheros but it didn’t seem to do anything this time. 

I didn’t use enough green beans either so had to add loads of peas for the colour. It would have been better with spinach too. Nobody complained though and we did have crumblejack for afters which was nice and a cup of tea. I want to not have a cup of tea at bedtime because sometimes I have to get up in the night. But I do love my bedtime cup of tea, it’s a nice end to the day.

dreaming of a cabin in the woods

I hope today is better. I am sitting here with my feet in a bowl of warm water listening to AlexrainbirdMusic on YouTube. I have the Cosy Cabin playlist and am imagining I am sitting in my own cosy cabin in the woods breathing in the fresh, warm earthy scents of the morning as I type (In my head I am living my dream and writing my book in my own actual cabin in the woods)

It’s a nice way to start the day, sitting with incense, a candle, music, and writing.

May your day be warm and cosy too as you allow yourself to tap into your dreams, even just for a moment.

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