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What we ate this week – Overnight Oats

what we ate this week

What we ate this week – Overnight Oats

As I say in the about section of this blog, I aim to share with you each week what we’ve been eating to give you some inspiration and to show you the result of the studying and researching and looking up of recipes I’ve been doing, sometimes it does feel like I am studying for a degree!

I have three books and two podcasts on the go all about food, diet, and nutrition and I am always looking for interesting recipes. I have also started writing down what we eat for each meal and taking a photo if it looks remotely appetizing! I forgot to take a photo of Thursday’s dinner though which is disappointing as it was so bright and colourful.

I feel quite nervous actually, sharing with you what we’ve eaten this week, I feel like I’m sharing a deep, dark secret! But actually, I have always been interested to know what people are eating to either give me ideas and inspiration or just to be nosy!

My wonderful friend Nicole and I always ask each other what’s for tea at the end of our weekly Zoom call and I seem to remember saying ‘pulled pork’ for about three weeks in a row! Also, after chatting to another amazing friend of mine, I discovered I’m not the only person to struggle with what to eat for lunch.

So, if nothing else I hope this gives you something to think about for lunch.

Although I have to say it is probably not the most inspiring of weeks where recipes are concerned, especially lunch. I’ve been all over the place, not really had much time to sit and plan properly and this is the first time I have been able to sit in peace and quiet and write.

Not Sleeping

It’s 6 am as I sit here and type. Everyone is still asleep. My youngest obviously, he’s a teenager, and my husband. He was up in the night a few times and in general, we’re having trouble sleeping at the moment. I don’t think it’s the heat because although it is hot here, and we’re looking at average temperatures of around 35 degrees celsius for this coming week, our warehouse is, for the first time, not the awful sweatbox it usually is in the summer.

On Monday we took one of the roof panels off and wow, what a difference! It is no longer sticky, stuffy, or airless inside – it’s much fresher and actually cold in the mornings. We need to keep an eye on the weather and put the panel back on if it is going to rain but for now, it’s a good solution however, it’s probably not quite the New York-style loft you are imagining in your head!

warehouse in spain
our warehouse
our dream warehouse…

So, the cause of our lack of sleep is not the heat. I’m wondering if we shouldn’t be going to bed so early. Last night it was 7.45! I sat and read but my husband fell asleep straight away, makes sense for him to be up again at 2ish this morning for a bit.

I do think I am someone who needs a lot of sleep and I love my bed, it is my safe space, my sanctuary, and I, therefore, have no problem going to bed early. I also love getting up early and taking the dog and cat for a walk. We usually go up the track into the woods and I will lean up against a tree and listen to the morning sounds.

This week though, things have felt off and I’ve not been very settled at all and I’m not sure why. I’ve not journaled or meditated or spent that much time in the woods. I’ve even been forgetting basics like milk and bread and have had to go into the village every day this week which is something I don’t like to do.

Anyway, this is what we’ve been feasting on this week. If I have used a particular recipe, I will link to it.

overnight oats with berries
overnight oats with berries


  • Breakfast – Overnight oats with banana and honey
  • Lunch – Leftover Chickpea and fish stew (I used a selection of frozen fish)
  • Dinner – Red bean and lentil chili with wholegrain rice


  • Breakfast – overnight oats with banana and peanut butter and overnight oats with frozen berries and greek yogurt
  • Lunch – Smashed Chickpea salad sandwich (we ate this in the woods!)
  • Dinner – leftover lentil chili



  • Breakfast – Granola with fruit (I had milk, Mac had yogurt)
  • Lunch – Pan con tomate
  • Dinner – Huevos rancheros (without the eggs, black beans, or spinach I normally add!)


  • Breakfast – Granola and fruit
  • Lunch – Pan con tomate (again!) The tomatoes are lovely at the moment
  • Dinner – Homemade beef burgers in a bun with salad


  • Breakfast – overnight oats with banana and hazelnuts
  • Lunch – pan con tomate
  • Dinner – lentil curry with veggies and rice


  • Breakfast – Granola fruit and yogurt (milk for me)
  • Lunch – leftover veggie curry
  • Dinner – Salad. Nico and I had crappy sliced ham and Mac a tin of mackerel

Things to note

I never use salt in my cooking now, even when following recipes.

I just realised that on Tuesday I served up red pepper and onion with tomatoes for dinner!

This was a bit of a haphazard week where planning and shopping were concerned and I struggled.  It reminded me of the days before the stroke when I would have just opened a bag of crisps at lunchtime or forgone breakfast in favor of a handful of biscuits stuffed into my mouth when I was hungry. My husband has always been better at breakfast than me.

Sunday’s breakfast might seem fancy but we were taking photos, that’s why there were two types of breakfast oats. I wish I liked yogurt because the oats with berries and yogurt looked amazing and tasted really good, so I’m told. It would also make things easier for me if I liked yogurt, but I don’t!

I made another batch of granola and some more flapjack this week (it wasn’t crumbly and I used olive oil again which is working really well) I also managed to spend 24 Euros at the market on nuts, seeds, and cranberries (oops!)

Except for the nuts, I forgot loads this week

I also forgot to soak beans and chickpeas often and even worse, I didn’t prepare overnight oats for three nights either. Because of my lack of planning and preparation, there weren’t enough leftovers for the next day’s lunches – hence the bread and tomatoes three times in a row.

Yes, the tomatoes are great, but this was also what my husband ate every single day for breakfast in the hospital and I felt bad serving it up and bringing back the memories. But I was so disorganised, it was the only thing I could think of.

So, not a great week in terms of eating, which is a bit rubbish given the fact that this is what I’m supposed to be focusing on!

Lesson learned I hope. I am now going to sit down and spend some time planning for next week’s dinners.

Tell me what did you eat this week?

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what we ate this week